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Headway Recruitment January2019

Employee Retention and how to achieve it

Employee retention: a constant blot on the landscape for employers across the globe. The balance between pushing your employees too hard and not challenging them enough is an important one, because in either scenario, given the constant stream of news around the floundering UK economy and the looming shadow of Brexit, you’d be forgiven for…

Employment and networking apps – consider, download or avoid?

For those seeking new opportunities, there are now various apps that promise to match you with the perfect job, employer and candidate – it’s effectively Tinder for the job market. That’s not just clever wordplay, Tinder has actually developed an app for people seeking employment, with the same blueprint as the divisive dating app. It’s…

Attract The Best Staff

There are many reasons why your job advertisement might not be getting the attention you expected; where the role’s located, the salary, or a simple shortage of talent are just a few examples. But sometimes, it’s for the simple reason that the advert is, for want of a better phrase, badly written. If you’ve ever…

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