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Headway Recruitment February2019

Older workers – recruitment and the over-50’s

The notion of retirement divides the nation. For some older workers, retirement can’t come soon enough. Others dread the very word. Then there are those for whom whom retirement is not a viable financial option. In 2016, a report from Public Health England stated that older people residing in the UK are living longer than…

Women in the STEM sector – why we need more

It’s well documented that there are not enough women qualified, or working in the technology sector. Numerous efforts to get women into the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (known collectively as the STEM sector) have failed. When it comes to STEM sector occupations, women represent only 23% of the workforce. To add insult…

Diversity and why it grows your business

Diversity is the act of embracing difference in all areas of human existence. Age, gender and ethnicity, along with sexual orientation, religious belief and disability are all areas in which difference must be embraced. Inclusion and diversity have been doing the rounds on the buzzword circuit for quite some time now. And for good reason….

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