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Hiring staff that stay, thrive & achieve results

Why should we approach Headway to solve our recruitment issue? One-word INSIGHT. Our model which uses psychometric candidate data to ensure you find individuals that stay, thrive and achieve results. What our clients have experienced using INSIGHT:

Getting the right candidate first time
Increased employee engagement
Less need for management of underperforming staff
Higher retention rates
Increased productivity as a result of more balanced teams
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Getting to know you – a trusted working relationship.

Getting to know your business objectives, aspirations and values is the foundation of successful recruitment. This is the blueprint to guide us to those people who are a real fit for your organisation. Take the foundation test


How we find the best- our search starts here

Our 40 years in business has resulted in strong connections with candidates. We are consistently proactive, looking beyond LinkedIn and the job boards to our own network. This pool of high performing candidates are not necessarily using the traditional recruitment channels.

3) FIT

Getting the right people into your business

We meet every candidate face-to-face prior to introducing them to our clients. Everyone completes a psychometric profile and role specific skills testing to identify the best fit for your organisation.


Data is power – a logical approach to recruitment

We use the power of data and analytics to ensure that the candidates you chose are right for your business. We provide you with the tools to make the best hiring decisions by providing you with an interview template specific to your applicants’ psychometric profile. Use data as well as your intuition.


Going beyond the first day

We provide a training and development plan based on the candidates’ individual psychometric profile. Take the guess work out of candidate engagement and see the results from your new high performing team.

An increase in workplace productivity and profitability

Take the first step towards a more profitable business with a more engaged team.


Benefits our clients have enjoyed from using INSIGHT

Business critical roles filled quickly and by the right candidates
More effective long-term management of staff and increased employee engagement within your organisation
Increased staff retention
A reduction in time spent managing underperforming staff
An increase in workplace productivity and profitability
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Our customers tell the story of their ‘INSIGHT’ journey far better than we ever can.

As a charity we are very conscious of budgets and getting the best value for money whilst retaining an eye for quality. We have used the services of Headway Recruitment for a number of years and really value their processes and the result it has generated for us. Recently we approached the team at Headway to recruit a Supported Housing Officer. They excelled in finding us a perfect fit. Headway understand our organisation and have been key in our continued success in breaking the cycle of homelessness in Bradford.

Hostel Manager, Bradford Cyrenians

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Jag Panesar established his own business over 10 years ago. He’s grown Xpand into a digital marketing specialist with a team of 6 and a range of associates.

“In 2016 I felt like we were on our way. The work was streaming in because clients were recommending us because of the results they were getting. I thought we were on our way to the next level. Then in the course of 6 months we lost 3 members of the team in succession. But fortunately I’d met Mark by then and, despite my initial scepticism, Headway were able to quickly provide a shortlist of interesting candidates. They also introduced psychometric profiling to our recruitment process. So we now assess how well candidates will ‘fit’ with our existing team and with the culture I want in the business. Now our new team is thriving and taking the business forward. Last year was our best year ever and the team are taking on more and more responsibility, so I can focus my time on where I add most value.

Jag Panesar, Xpand Marketing


Headway INSIGHT gives you the tools to hire staff that stay, thrive and achieve results

Contact a member of our team to take the first step towards a more profitable business with a more engaged team.


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